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Explore: Hershey's Chocolate World

Explore: Hershey's Chocolate World

On my family’s recent trip to Pennsylvania, we made a pit stop in Hershey. I’d heard tales about this little slice of American Heaven since I was a kid, and I was so excited to explore this sweet (literally) city with my children. As we passed the city limits, we rolled down the car windows and breathed in the air, and I kid you not, you could smell the chocolate! It was such a sweet beginning to our adventure.

Set in the rolling hills surrounded by farmland, the town of Hershey is the definition of idyllic. The city’s pride for their history is apparent, and we enjoyed walking through the town and seeing a few historic sights.


Since we were only here for a short time and because my kids are really little, we decided to skip going to Hershey Park, the resort’s amusement park, and focus our attention on Hershey’s Chocolate World. This is a perfect place to go with toddlers - there is so much to do, and everyone in the family had a great time!

When we arrived, we headed to the reservations and ticket desk. Here, you can choose which activities you’d like to experience at Chocolate World. The bundle deals all vary in price, depending on how many experiences you sign up for. I really liked that you can pick and choose your activities, as some are geared for older kiddos than mine. For instance, as much as I would have loved to create my own candy bar, my toddler wouldn’t last through that seminar. We decided to check out Hershey’s Unwrapped and the 4D Chocolate Movie (ticketed experiences) as well as the Chocolate Tour which does not require separate admission.

My oldest kiddo looooooved Hershey’s Unwrapped. It’s an adorable musical show in which you learn about the 5 senses of tasteology and also meet a time traveler who knew Milton Hershey himself in the beginnings of his journey of making chocolate. The movie was also pretty cute. During the film, you help Hershey, Kiss, and Reese solve a mystery in the factory. If you’re pressed for time, I think this experience could be skipped. My son’s absolute favorite experience of the day was the Chocolate Tour itself. This fun ride gives you a glimpse of how the Hershey’s specialties we love are made, from cocoa bean harvesting to final production.

Throughout Chocolate World, merchandise and sweets galore are everywhere. Every kind of Hershey’s product you can imagine can be found here. Need a multi pound chocolate bar to snack on? You can find it here! Want to snuggle up in a Hershey’s spirit jersey? Look no further! It is truly paradise for those with a sweet tooth.

After we finished our activities, we grabbed a bite  at the food hall. I even sampled chocolate iced coffee (what?!). But it’s not all sweets here. I grabbed a chicken salad sandwich and my husband chowed down on a veggie stack. It was a nice contrast to all of the sweets around us, though do not fear, we ended our visit with a beautiful cupcake from the bakery!


All in all, it was a wonderful day full of sugar, history, and lots of fun. If you ever find yourself in Hershey, make sure to visit Hershey’s Chocolate World!



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