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Anniversary Gifts: The Old School Way

Anniversary Gifts: The Old School Way

July brings happy memories for my husband and myself year after year, as our anniversary is on July 21st! We are coming up on 6 years together, and it warms my heart how much we grow stronger as each year passes, both individually and as a unit. Each year, we give each other a traditional gift to signify the year that’s passed. It’s so much fun getting creative and finding something for each other pertaining to that year’s theme. Below are a list of trinkets that we’ve gotten each other through the years…

Year 1: Paper

I think tradition was right on target with this year, knowing that most couples (definitely us included), don’t have tons to spend on each other starting out, so paper was a great medium to work with. I made Jennings a scrapbook documenting our first year of marriage - and it’s fun looking back at it now (we were babies!). Jennings got us tickets to see a show. I was so impressed by that use of paper!

Year 2: Cotton

We were in the middle of Jennings’ time in law school during year 2 of marriage, so we lucked out again with a cost effective anniversary gift theme. I found some lovely dress socks from Brooks Brothers Outlet for Jennings which he still wears for work even now. He won out creatively again and got me luscious pair of cotton pajamas from Eileen Fisher as well as a good book - knowing that I love reading in bed (or at least I did - this was before we became parents!). 

Year 3: Leather

I had some fun with this one - I found a beautiful leather monogrammed flask from The Leather Maul on Etsy. It’s been a nice trinket for him to have, as he’s now used it to toast both of our children’s births (and has also been able to give a groom or two a tiny bit of relief at a few weddings). As for my gift, Jennings did it again - he gave me a beautiful leather bound journal. Inside, he wrote me a beautiful letter encouraging me to write down and document my thoughts and dreams during this season of life - as we were about to become parents a few short weeks after this anniversary.

Year 4: Fruit or Flowers

I’m sure we could have been more creative with this one but at this point in our marriage, we were new parents of an almost one year old so we went with a straight forward take. I gave Jennings an arrangement of delicious chocolate covered strawberries (don’t worry, he shared them with me, so it was a double win), and Jennings gave me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

Year 5: Wood

I think this gifting year was my favorite one yet. I genuinely surprised Jennings with my gift to him (which is really hard to do). I gave him a wooden watch from Tree Hut; the watches they carry are not only beautiful and so unique, but are also super lightweight and versatile too. Jennings once again hit it out of the park and gave me a beautiful wooden music box which plays “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” - this song was played during our wedding, and for this reason makes this special gift even more special.

Year 6: Iron

I found a really fun and functional gift for Jennings this year! I’m not telling him about this blog entry in hopes that he doesn’t read it and ruin his surprise, but I’m getting him a personalized bottle opener from Chipped With Charm - another awesome Etsy find. I have no idea what Jennings will be gifting me this year, but as always, I’m excited to find out!

We of course know that there is no material gift that is as important as our love for each other, our friendship, and dedication to our children. Nonetheless, giving each other gifts is a sweet reminder of good times past and present. What do you do to celebrate anniversaries? Do you have any special traditions?



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