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Plan B: When Things Go Wrong On Your Disney Vacation

Plan B: When Things Go Wrong On Your Disney Vacation

Hello friends,

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is the opposite of incredible. It was slated to be about Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. It was supposed to be filled with beautiful blooms, favorite treats, Florida sunshine, and more. It is not. Because, mom life.

My family and I just got back from a trip to Disney World for Mother’s Day. I was so excited about this trip - my last few Mother’s Days have been doozies (stories for another day), and I was looking forward to doing it up this year. Well, life keeps us humble doesn’t it? On Mother’s Day morning, my son woke up with a stomach ache. After a drink of water and some breakfast, he said his tummy didn’t hurt anymore, and off my family went to Epcot for a beautiful day full of Epcot Flower and Garden Festival goodness.



As soon as we walked into the theme park, my son looked up at me and said, “my tummy hurts again” - and boom, he projectile vomited on a beautiful bed of flowers next to Spaceship Earth. After a detour to the restroom, a change of clothes, and some water, he said he was feeling okay again. We pressed on. We rode Frozen Ever After, grabbed our morning coffees, and then, another projectile episode.

I realized at this point that things were not going to get better. He didn’t have a fever though, so I assumed he was reacting to something ate the night before. My vivacious boy was looking peaked, clammy, and generally out of sorts. We dashed to the Baby Care Center and explained our situation to the cast member who greeted us. She escorted us into a room and grabbed some waters for us. My husband was able to purchase some medicine for my son here, and we took advantage of their lounge area and air conditioning to cool down and regroup. After the medicine settled, my son seemed to be perking up. When we asked him if he wanted to go back to the hotel to rest, he insisted on staying, so we did.

Edited Epct.jpg

At this point, the festival kiosks were opening, and my husband and I were so excited to start trying all the new goodies. We tried our first dish, and I could feel myself relaxing; everything was falling into place - this was going to be the Mother’s Day I dreamed of! And then my son looked at me and said, “I need to go back to the hotel. My tummy hurts again.” More vomit.

We made a B line to our bus. We gathered everything up from our huge double stroller, got the kids ready, walked up to the bus doors, and then more vomit than any 2 year old has ever expressed emerged from my son’s body. The bus driver looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t let you on.” The doors closed. Off the bus went. Now, my vomit covered husband, screaming vomit covered child, and vomit covered stroller stood in front of me, baking in the 800 degree sun. My youngest son now was ready to eat and was getting fussy. I contemplated - panic attack? Laugh hysterically? Cry? Nope - I went full mom mode.

I had the Lyft app downloaded onto my phone already. I whipped it out, requested a Minnie Van to come rescue us, and within 4 minutes, our car had arrived. Our driver was a saint. She helped us get everything cleaned up and into the car, and also gave us a bag for our son in case any more accidents were to occur, and within 10 minutes, we were back at our resort, in our room, with my son in the bath and then bed watching a Disney movie on TV.

I write all this to say, if something goes wrong on your Disney trip, Disney has some awesome services in place to take advantage of. Baby Care Centers are a wonderful resource for your little ones if they need a place to recover and you need to grab medicine for them. If you need to get back to your resort or anywhere else on Disney property in a rush, definitely use the Minnie Van service. Our day could have been so much worse without these services, and I am glad that I knew they existed.


My little man started feeling better later in the afternoon, and we were able to turn the day around after pushing rest and fluids. We ended Mother’s Day on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom, watching Tinker Bell fly and fireworks burst. But since I put the mom in mom life, the day we got home, my son told me his head was itchy. Yup, somewhere in the happiest place on Earth, my son contracted lice. And just to keep me as humble as possible during this season, I got lice from him during the hours of combing and chemical treating his beautiful curly locks.

Cheers, mamas.



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