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Disney Reservations: DVC Rental Store Review

Disney Reservations: DVC Rental Store Review

It’s no secret that I love all things Disney, so when it was time to book another vacation to Walt Disney World, the first thing I did was head over to the DVC Rental Store to see if they could work their pixie dust and make some magical resort reservations for us! DVC Rental Store is a travel agency that allows its clients to rent Disney Vacation Club (otherwise known as DVC) points from current Disney Vacation Club members at a discounted rate. What does this do? It allows the non DVC member (that would be me in this scenario) to stay at a Disney Vacation Club resort without paying the reservation price offered directly through Disney. 

This is the third vacation I’ve used DVC Rental Store’s services, and my only regret is that I didn’t discover this company sooner. I am a sucker for all of Walt Disney World’s resort hotels, but during this life season, our budget does not allow us to stay at Disney’s deluxe resorts. With the help of DVC Rental Store, this is no longer an issue! In fact, if you use their services, you can save up to, and sometimes over, 50% off Disney World’s deluxe resort reservations! Intrigued? Read on!


The process is simple. After figuring out which dates you would like to reserve a hotel, you can fill out an availability request form detailing which hotel(s) you would like to stay at as well as how many people will be in your party. Within 48 hours, an agent will contact you with availability and a quote for your trip. After making your final resort selection and finalizing the dates, you will put down a deposit, sign an agreement, and ta dah - you’ve got a Disney resort reservation!


If using this service is something you’d like to do, my one piece of advice is to plan ahead. And by ahead, I mean 7-11 months before your desired travel date. Since rented points are limited and DVC members have the ability to book their reservations several months out, availability can be tight. A possible drawback to renting points is that you cannot cancel your reservations without a financial penalty. For an additional charge, you do have the option to  purchase trip insurance, called a point protection plan, which allows you to cancel your reservation if need be though that fee itself is non refundable, whether you keep your reservation or not.


If you are not looking to reserve a deluxe resort hotel room but are rather wanting to reserve a moderate or value reservation, fear not! You can reserve these options through DVC Rental Store as well!

For the more spontaneous traveler, you can also check out DVC Rental Store’s discounts and specials. Here, you can book further discounted DVC points as well as rooms at a fixed price for specific dates. If you have the flexibility, you can snag some incredible deals this way!


I cannot tell you how thrilled I have been using this company time and again. I still work with the same agent I did from my first time using this company to present. My agent is incredibly kind, timely, accommodating,  and makes the reservation process a breeze. I cannot recommend this service enough. I fully realize that I would not be able to enjoy a suite during holiday peak season at Disney’s Old Key West Resort (our last trip booked through DVC Rental Store) for 40% or a multi bedroom suite that our extended family can enjoy at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort (our upcoming trip)  without breaking the bank. To me, Disney resort hotels are just as magical as the theme parks, and the fact that I am able to cross these gorgeous properties off my travel bucket list is a gift! Definitely keep the DVC Rental Store in mind when booking your next Walt Disney World vacation; it’s a resource you won’t want to miss!



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