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Our Boys' Birthdays: Keeping It Simple

I remember my son’s first birthday party. I did Pinterest proud, with an adorable theme, ridiculously cute food, balloons, handmade goodie bags, color coordinated everything - the works. Although everyone had a great time (and I’m pretty sure my son did too even though he was too young to remember the day), I remember feeling utterly exhausted when it was all over. It felt like it took days until I recovered from all of the planning, prepping, and hosting.

Anniversary Gifts: The Old School Way

July brings happy memories for my husband and myself year after year, as our anniversary is on July 21st! We are coming up on 6 years together, and it warms my heart how much we grow stronger as each year passes, both individually and as a unit. Each year, we give each other a traditional gift to signify the year that’s passed.