The Tribeless Mama: Making Friends After Kids

Making friends - it’s never been the easiest thing for me to do. I’ve always been a pretty shy person and I am okay to claim “introvert” as a title that describes me. From my early school days, I remember the anxiety and nerves that came about with putting myself out there. Though life experiences and a few servings of grace have helped the anxiety fade over the years, I still wish that the process of putting myself out there was less stressful and more organic.

Advocate: An Untimely End Due To Gun Violence

I live in a safe neighborhood. It’s an idyllic one really. Everyone takes pride in their home on my street. While we do yard work or sit in our Adirondack chairs with our morning coffee or our evening glass of wine, we let our children run to each other’s front yards to play. If we leave and forget to lock our doors, we think nothing of it. Our neighborhood association’s main mission is community.