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DIY: Fall Embroidery Wreath Tutorial

DIY: Fall Embroidery Wreath Tutorial

With the changing season, one of the things that brings me joy is decorating! My mantle was in need of a little something extra this year, so I decided to make an embroidery hoop wreath!


This project cost about $10.00 and took about half an hour to complete. This mama of two little ones loves a project like that! Crafting is something I’ve always loved doing, but after having kids, my crafting time has been severely slashed - little projects like this one are always something I keep an eye out for! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 embroidery hoop

  • greenery of your choosing (I used faux leaves, berries, flowers, and a lovely twig pumpkin)

  • burlap twine

  • hot glue gun

  • scissors

  1. Lay out your decor around your hoop to get a feel for what you would like your wreath to look like. Once you do, trim the stems appropriately.

  2. Hot glue your materials on to your hoop.

  3. (Optional) For extra texture, you can wrap burlap twine around different sections of your greenery and hoop. I enjoyed doing this because it brought a little extra texture and it also helped secure some of the larger decorations without using large globs of glue.

  4. The last step is the best one: hang up your wreath wherever you’d like and enjoy!

The possibilities are endless with embroidery hoop wreaths. The hoops themselves come in a variety of sizes and you can fill them with fabric or without - whatever suits your fancy!

And for my fellow Disney lovers, check out my dear friend Esther’s blog, A Magical Kingdom Called Home to see her fall Disney themed embroidery hoop wreaths! 



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