DIY: Mickey Mouse Silhouette Tutorial

I recently transitioned my boys to separate bedrooms and with the change, I’ve had the pleasure of doing a little redecorating in each of their new spaces! I wanted to add some Disney magic to Duncan’s room and I decided to take on a DIY. I was super happy with how his Mickey silhouette turned out, and I think it completed his gallery wall with a sprinkle of pixie dust. From start to finish, this project took about 20 minutes. I did use my Cricut to complete it, but you can easily add in an extra step if you don’t have one to do this project.

Disney Reservations: DVC Rental Store Review

It’s no secret that I love all things Disney, so when it was time to book another vacation to Walt Disney World, the first thing I did was head over to the DVC Rental Store to see if they could work their pixie dust and make some magical resort reservations for us! DVC Rental Store is a travel agency that allows its clients to rent Disney Vacation Club (otherwise known as DVC) points from current Disney Vacation Club members at a discounted rate. What does this do? It allows the non DVC member (that would be me in this scenario) to stay at a Disney Vacation Club resort without paying the reservation price offered directly through Disney. 

Our Boys' Birthdays: Keeping It Simple

I remember my son’s first birthday party. I did Pinterest proud, with an adorable theme, ridiculously cute food, balloons, handmade goodie bags, color coordinated everything - the works. Although everyone had a great time (and I’m pretty sure my son did too even though he was too young to remember the day), I remember feeling utterly exhausted when it was all over. It felt like it took days until I recovered from all of the planning, prepping, and hosting.

Anniversary Gifts: The Old School Way

July brings happy memories for my husband and myself year after year, as our anniversary is on July 21st! We are coming up on 6 years together, and it warms my heart how much we grow stronger as each year passes, both individually and as a unit. Each year, we give each other a traditional gift to signify the year that’s passed.

The Tribeless Mama: Making Friends After Kids

Making friends - it’s never been the easiest thing for me to do. I’ve always been a pretty shy person and I am okay to claim “introvert” as a title that describes me. From my early school days, I remember the anxiety and nerves that came about with putting myself out there. Though life experiences and a few servings of grace have helped the anxiety fade over the years, I still wish that the process of putting myself out there was less stressful and more organic.

Whoa DogE: Man's Best Friend Accessorized

Along with being a mama to two sweet boys, I also have a fur baby that’s been by my side for years. Meet Maya, my compassionate, fun, loyal and wonderful golden retriever!

Since becoming a mother (to human babies), this fur baby hasn’t gotten all of the special treatment that she was once accustomed, so when I found Whoa DogE, I got super excited to give her a little something special for the summer season.

Review: Kona Cafe

On my family’s most recent trip to Walt Disney World, we dined at one of my favorite spots - the Kona Cafe. After discovering this place on my first anniversary trip (almost 6 years ago!) - I have had the pleasure of returning time and again for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Explore: The National Aviary

On my family’s recent trip to Pittsburgh, we made a stop at the National Aviary. To be quite honest, I had no idea this place - which is the only private indoor zoo for birds in the entire U.S. - was located in Pitt until I googled “Pittsburgh family must do’s” or something along those lines. Regardless, this looked like a good find, so everyone hopped in the car and headed that way! Turns out, the aviary would be one of our favorite experiences of our entire trip!

Advocate: An Untimely End Due To Gun Violence

I live in a safe neighborhood. It’s an idyllic one really. Everyone takes pride in their home on my street. While we do yard work or sit in our Adirondack chairs with our morning coffee or our evening glass of wine, we let our children run to each other’s front yards to play. If we leave and forget to lock our doors, we think nothing of it. Our neighborhood association’s main mission is community.

Disney Style: My Favorite Disney Small Shops

Disney style. It’s magical. It’s fun. There are so many talented small business owners that create wearable pieces of magic to wear on your next Disney vacation or at home! I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorite Disney small shops that carry some deliciously wonderful pieces that I love wearing to the theme parks as well as in everyday life.

Explore: Hershey's Chocolate World

On my family’s recent trip to Pennsylvania, we made a pit stop in Hershey. I’d heard tales about this little slice of American Heaven since I was a kid, and I was so excited to explore this sweet (literally) city with my children. As we passed the city limits, we rolled down the car windows and breathed in the air, and I kid you not, you could smell the chocolate! It was such a sweet beginning to our adventure.

Review: Disney's Port Orleans Resort Riverside

On my family’s most recent trip to Walt Disney World, we had the pleasure of staying at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort Riverside. I have stayed here a few times over the years, and my love for this resort grows with every trip. From the Antebellum inspired architecture to the incredibly themed pools, delicious dining, and beautiful rooms, I have a hard time saying goodbye to this place on check out day.